Homesteading Priorities When Life Happens

Homesteading is a lifestyle, that once started, needs your constant attention, prioritization, and commitment.  Health, vacations, date night, day trips, illness, family crisis', equipment failure, etc. all need to be prioritized and planned because once you commit to a homesteading lifestyle, life happens . . . the animals don't care if it is raining if they're... Continue Reading →

Flies – The Ever Present Pest

Flies, common houseflies, seem to be the bane of every homesteader.  It's not practical to keep animal areas sanitized and clean.  Flies are an ever-present nuisance.  Fly traps with an attractant bait is a good means to reduce your homestead of these unwanted pests.  I decided to investigate an efficient means to reduce the number of flies on my homestead.

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